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It’s surprising how small the amount of time you have to relax and do stuff when overlanding. After a day sight seeing or travelling for anything up to 600 km, making camp at 7, 8 or 9, cooked dinner, washed up and set up tents, it’s bedtime. Up at 7 or 8 and off again. Once a week we had an admin day to do the laundry, check the landy over and do any repairs or modifications as necessary. During a day on the road I try to work on processing my photos on the laptop. Luckily the landy’s got an inverter to plug and run standard 3 pin electrical tech. Getting internet connections is challenging. Often if we get a campsite with WiFi we upload pics etc. Day to day it’s cafe’s that are useful and our  smartphones come in very useful. I’ve got in the habit of typing up my blog on my phone and quickly upload in a cafe. It’s all about adapting and taking your opportunity to get stuff done.

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 28/05/2011 by Stefan Palmer in General Trip Blogs

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