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This trip I have forfilled a long held wish, to visit Aucshwitz Death/Concentration Camps. The camps are broken into two. Camp 1 is the smallest and was originally a Polish army camp. Camp 2 is the one everyone sees in the pictures  with the huge arched entrance with the train track to bring the prisoners running underneath it. And acres upon acres of huts and barbed wire that when the camp was operational was electrified.   We arrived late in the evenin so I had time to take in the vastness of Camp 2 – Birkenau.  Few visiters where there at that time. Thankfully I had the overnight to mentally prepare for the visit….I needed it.  So next morning at 8 I ventured in. Initally it felt eerie walking through the gates into an area where so many innocent people were murdered. Standing at the entrance steps of a now shattered gas chamber, seeing the ponds where human ash was dumped was unsettling. However the strange thing was after a while, hearing the birds singing and seeing a deer wondering around the site it began to feel peaceful and I hope the poor souls there can rest in some sort of peace now.  I find it sad to think that younger generations will have no connection to such a place.  Grandparents who remember the war pass away and personal war stories are forgotten. The visit was a humbling experience that I will never forget.

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Posted 30/05/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Poland

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