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Hi folks.  I’d be very interested to know who’s viewing my blogg.  The site is getting lots of views…so I’m being nosy! Please leave a comment.

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Stefan Palmer


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  1. Hi Stef
    Loving the blog and reading about what you’re doing and seeing the photos. Luxembourg looks gorgeous. It sounds as if you’re having a great time. Will be thinking about you in Russia, we’re there in a couple of weeks, but taking the luxurious route – via cruise ship! Bit too old in the tooth for camping, my aged bones wouldn’t stand it. If it ain’t a minimum of 4 star, it ain’t happening for me. Love Sue xx

    • Hi, we haven’t been here long enough to form an opinion on Russia yet. The boarder crossing from Finland did take two hours tho!

      Stefan Palmer
  2. Hi Stef and Kerry! Wow it looks like your having a fabulous time! Only just found five spare minutes to look in on what you guys have been up to. Keep us posted and keep up with the great pictures- no more dangling cameras over a cliff! Hope to catch up with you both when you are back. Sharon, Nick and the boys.

    Sharon & Nick Turner
    • Hi,

      Good to hear from you. yep it’s a bit of an adventure. Moscow is a great city. We are heading south on Monday towards Kazahkstan. Keep checking the blogs.

      See you soon

      Stefan Palmer

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