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We are now on the outskirts of Moscow in one of the Golden Ring cities called Suzdal.  As we were driving in we came across some more fellow overlanders from Italy, all kitted out with Land Rovers.  It was interesting to compare notes on where they had been and going. It was quite a sight for the locals seeing four landies all parked in a line on the main road.  They were photographing us! Tonight we stayed in a hostel.  A real bed. We rocked up following a Lonely Planet recommendation to be greeted by the owner called James from Gilford. It’s been great chatting to more travellers traversing Russia all variety of different ways. It’s even nicer not having to use the Russian phrase book.

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Stefan Palmer


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2 responses to “Hostels and Fellow Travellers

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  1. Hi Stef, it all sounds very interesting. How’s the budget going ?
    Steve Swallow

    Steve Swallow
    • Hi Steve,

      The budget is going ok so far. We are in Moscow now so having to pay for hostels, so not ideal on the budget with no wild camping acvailable. Off exploring the sights for 3 to 4 days while we wait for our Kazahkstan visas to come through.

      Stefan Palmer

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