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(Post written on 21 June 2011) Now we have left Moscow, it’s time to reflect. Moscow is full of amazing sights, Red Square, The Kremlin, Museums of Russian History, The Ballet and The Cosmonaut Museum. Not to mention numerous parks, funfairs and resturants. There are stacks of shopping centres selling all the designer gear at highly inflated prices compared to the UK due. It’s very interesting people watching in those centres….money is literally oozing from every pore.  The Metro is fantastic throughout the city. Although some of the carriages are surely from the 50’s they are regular and fast. The Metro stations are fabulas. The Russians built the stations as works of art, back in the day. They used top arcitechs who fashioned each station individually. Some of the designs feature chandaliers, artdeco, stained glass, statues, in fact all sorts of decadentness. I could easily of travelled the Metro for a day seeing each station and scoring them out of ten. Although you are not permited to photograph the stations I’ll see if I can find any pics on Google to illustrate my point.  We stayed for the duration of our Moscow visit in a hostel called Godzilla, owned by a Brit called James from Guilford. It was the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in and I would thoughly recommend it if you visit the city. Clean rooms, kitchens, loads of showers and friendly staff.  So now it is onwards and southwards. We have some big distances to cover now before entering Kazahkstan on 27 June. We plan to take in the towns of Saratov and Volgograd (better known formerly as Stalingrad) on the way. When you travel 300 miles in a day and stay on the same page on the map, you realise the size of Russian. Despite a proper bed for the last 8 nights it was nice being back in the tent last night and being away from the city noise.  I have loads more Moscow photos to post. Give me a few days to work through them all.

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