Day** on the road….well how many do you think it is?….No peeping below this title!   Leave a comment

Unbelievably we have been on the road for 50 days!

So much as happened.  It feels like 500 days since we packed our belongings in storage, said goodbye to our friends/families, completed on our house sale and I handed my brilliant company car back :-(.  It’s already difficult to remember the day to dayness of life.

You can see from my and Kerry’s posts we have been many brilliant places and seen many amazing sights.  There is so many more yet to come over the next 280+ days.

The Trans Siberian Railway trip
China (hopefully)
Hong Kong (hopefully)
And maybe Hobbitdom (New Zealand)

All to come. It’s nice to see from the blog stats that my friends are reading my posts. To put things into perspective, the best day for site views so far is 90 hits on 27 June, followed by 61 on 31 May. Stay tuned and keep reading folks.

Thank you


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Stefan Palmer


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