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For the first time in four weeks and the first in Russia I went for a run.  It must rate as the coolest run I have ever done.  I ran through Red Square! Being out that early in Moscow was fascinating.  The pretty/perfectly groomed girls were out (they couldn’t all be on the walk of shame), all the drunks were still asleep on the pavements (Russia has a huge drink problem) and old guys were out cleaning their cars (just like UK).  I got stacks of really wierd looks because exercise doesn’t seem to be high on Russians list of activities.

All in all it’s set me up for a day of sight seeing in the Moscow heat.

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 03/07/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Russia

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2 responses to “Running in Moscow

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  1. I miss Moscow lots of history, amazing things to see and great people. I hope you and Kerry are doing alright probably still godzillas take it easy.

    • Hi, Matt. Yep we are still at godzilla waiting for our China visas. We hope to be on our way by the weekend.

      Stefan Palmer

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