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I was reading Kerry’s post the other day about technology (a link is below) and it got me thinking.  Yesterday marked the final launch by the American Space Shuttle.  I clearly remember in 1981 as a 10 year old boy watching the first launch on my parents wooden cased (with sexy chrome legs) colour TV set.  I was in awe as John Young and Robert Crippen blasted off into space on a new wave of American space optimism.

I have followed the progam with interest though the years.  The tragedies with Challenger and Columbia.  The successes with ISS and Hubble.  Little could I have imagined, back in 1981, that the shuttle would still be in service 30 years later.  Even more so I could have never have imagined that I would watch the Shuttles final launch live from a laptop computer connected to the internet with picture quality far far better that 1981’s TV images.  Ok add to that I was in Moscow at the time, the country of the Americans bitter space rivals in 1981.

What a difference 30 years makes on so many levels!



Stefan Palmer


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  1. Hiya mate. Sounds like you’re excited as a kid at Christmas – China here we come! So pleased it’s all working out for you …so far! Still loving the blogs and have sent the link to Becky today as well. I’m busy with what you would now term as boring stuff, helping out at school etc where it’s very busy as they come up to the end of term, glad I’m not on the payroll and having to cope with the stress of it all. Weather is mixed, we’ve had some really hot days, but today it’s been dull all day but warm and muggy. I’m off to York on a school trip tomorrow, got to be at school at 7.30am, us pensioners don’t do early. rushed mornings any more, hope I’ll cope. Won’t get home until 7pm, so it’s gonna be a long day. Not quite as exciting as Moscow, but this is Brinsley!! Take care. Sue xx

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