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Written on 12th July 2011.

With the China trip now booked Kerry and I have turned our attention to our Trans Siberian Railway Journey.  After much frustration at various Russian Train Stations we finally have all the tickets we require to travel from Moscow to Vladivostock!  We will be breaking up the journey with some stop offs.  Once we get to Vladivostock we intend to travel via Harbin to Beijing. We want to arrive in Beijing early August to ensure we have enough time to apply for and collect out Vietnam visas for the final leg of our China trip which concludes in Hanoi.  Tonight we are in a second class sleeper cabin with a couple of Russian fellas. One speaks fairly good English. The other speaks none. This is my first overnight train experience.  Kerry did couple when she visited Asia a few years ago. I’ve never been on a train much so this is a double novelty.  Kerry and I bagged the top bunks. We set off from Moscow at 19.20 this evening and arrive in Kazan at 08.30 tomorrow morning, which is also Kerry’s 30th birthday.  So far everyone is very polite and the cabin matron (for want of a better word) is very helpful.  I am really looking forward to the changing landscape we will experience on our journey. Just to give you again the scale of Russia, by the time we get to Vladivostock we will be 7 hours ahead of Moscow time and 10 ahead of BST. I never realised how close Russia and USA where too each other. Only a very narrow strip of water the Bering straight divides them and we will be looking out toward that from Vladivostock  Here’s hoping for a good nights sleep.

Stefan Palmer


Posted 14/07/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Russia, Trans Siberian Railway

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