Onwards into Asia   2 comments

Written on 14th July 2011 

Mmmm very early start from Kazan at 04.35 this morning.  What’s really screwing us up now is our destination is 2 hours ahead of Moscow time, however to allegedly save on confusion all trains in Russia run on Moscow time.  So to arrange hostel accommodation we have to check the time zone of our destination and add on accordingly.  By the time we reach Vladivostock we will be 7 hours ahead of Moscow time, but with trains still running on Moscow time. Confused yet?  I may just leave my watch on Moscow time now until we get to China! 

Officially we have now crossed the Europe/Asia border into Asia, which means we will be on this continent for approximatley the next 6 months. 

Stefan Palmer


Posted 16/07/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Russia, Trans Siberian Railway

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