A surprising Second Class trip to Irkutsk   Leave a comment

Written on 20th July at 02.40.

It was a nice surprise to find we have booked a second class cabin for our trip to Irkutsk and now we have checked our tickets our next leg to Khabarovsk is also second class.  When we mapped out our journey on the Trans Siberian Railway we didn’t factor in the previously mentioned (https://somuchtoseesomuchtodo.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/onwards-into-asia/) that all Trans Sib trains run on Moscow time.  Due to this oversight this post was written at 02.40.  The train ticket said an arrival time of 21.32…nice we thought.  Perfect for finding the hostel and getting some shut eye.  Er no.   Taking into account local time we have actually arrived in Irkust at 02.32.  We got one good nights sleep on our 30 hour train journey from Novoboriska, so we have decided to crash for five hours in the Train station lobby until a reasonable hour.  Then get breakfast and dump our gear in the hostel.  Kerry is managing to nod off.  Me being me can’t sleep so I’m flitting between reading my book, observing the station cat prowling its territory, drafting posts, randomly picking songs on my ipod (incidently Take That’s new album is very good) and watching Blakes 7 on my phone.  Sleep’s for wimps!

So here we are in Irkutsk.  Within touching distance of  the huge Lake Baikal 64 km away.  We have now travelled 5,153 km from Moscow on the Trans Siberian Railway.  We are here for a couple of days before exploring Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island.  In total ten days R & R at this stop.  I’ve included a link to info on Lake Baikal below.  I can’t wait to get out and about in the countryside and take some photos.  Kerry and I have missed the countryside since our last wild camp.  We may even get some diving and horse riding in.  Definately some hiking/treking.  It’s hard to imagine our Russian adventure is almost over with a tad over two weeks left.  We will then be in China.  It will be nice to save money.  Hostels are a quarter of the price in Asia!


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Stefan Palmer


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