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Here’s my photos for Novosibirsk.  At this point we have travelled 3335 km from Moscow on the Trans Siberian Railway.  In total on our trip we have travelled 9935 km from Jersey. The Novosibirsk was a little disappointing but a welcome rest from the cramped train journey.  We found a fantastic resturant that served the best steak I’ve every had.  So good that we went back the following night!  They also brewed their own beer and bitter was one of the beers mmmmmm.  The city was one of a few we have experienced in Russian that doesn’t seem to have a definate centre to it.  There is a striking Lenin statue, on a small park with a paved area (a particularly favourite spot for skate boarders because it was so smooth and flat).  We found a great hostel close to the Metro where the ladies couldn’t do enough to help us.  They even hung my undies out to dry for me.  Compared to Moscow the Novosibirsk Metro was tiny with only two lines as opposed to Moscow’s ten.  Some hightlights of the city were a group of old timers dancing in the park who knew all the moves, two cool dogs and some wierd statues.

We have met some great fellow travellers on this Trans Siberian Journey, which just adds another level of enjoyment to the experience.  We often meet couples or groups in one place.  They may be on a slightly different schedule to us, visiting different towns on the route or on different trains but a few days later they pop up again in another city in the same hostel as us.  It’s always a comedy double take moment when we see them followed by “hello it’s you again from er where was it?”  This as happened with a brother and sister German couple we met in Moscow and an Australian guy we met in Yekaterinburg.  Some travellers by coincidence are on the same train as us.  We strike up a friendship and so we spend time together exploring two consecutive cities, like Daniel from Portugal.  We spend time with him in Yekaterinburg and travelled through to Novo on our train.  We hope to see Daniel again in Lake Baikal.  In Novosibirsk we also met a group of motor biking overlanders who we hope to meet up with again in Thailand when our routes next converge.  This travelling caper is brilliant.

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