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Khabarovsk…out penultinate stop on the Trans Sib.  Day one was spend recovering from the 56 hour epic train journey.  Well Kerry slept and I was glued to Photoshop.  Day two was spent touring the city.  The regional museum of History (containing loads of stuffed animals…Kerry was in geek mode explaining all the features of each animal, snake and butterfly to me), a walk along the river front which as a beach.  Sorry no beach shots folks.  It wasn’t pleasant with fat Russian men in Speedos and old women in bakinis with saggy arses, cellulite and boobs touching their knees….It was bad…roll on gap year students in string bakinis in Thailand!  Well I can wish.  On the whole Khabarovsk is a lovely city.  Really pretty and feeling far less aggressive than closer to Moscow.  We are only 30km from the Chinese boarder and you can tell.  More English speakers and loads of Chinese tourists (they are a tad noisy and do like their tech)

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