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This is a joint post with Kerry from our dinner table.  Dinner tonight was an amazing Chinese meal in the hotel’s Chinese resturant.  It was an  interesting experience on two fronts.  Firstly the menu was probably proper Chinese, not what you would get at Young Singh in Bingham.  The Chinese rolls were huge and so were the calamari rings.  We just wanted to keep eating even when we thought we were going to burst. Secondly the restaurant was full of Chinese tourists.  Man they are loud and when they start drinking competions they get louder and louder and louder, but always with a smile on their faces….unlike the Russians.  I am currently watching them toasting one anther by downing wine glasses full of lager.  What was interesting was that the girls all disappeared and left the fellas to thier drunken debauchary.  Now then shall we try some saki?….

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