Rain rain go away, come again when we have gone!

After an eventful 6 hour mini bus ride which included sharing our journey with a non English speaking Russian darts team, off road driving where I think I lost a few fillings, our first Russian sheep, cows and wild horses that the minibus driver seemed intent on running down if they didn’t get out of his way, we arrived on Olkhon Island, situated in Lake Baikal.

It is claimed that it rarely rains on Olkhon Island.  It did nothing but rain for half our 6 day stay.  When the sun was out, the difference was incredible.  Quickly the main road lost its Glastonbury look and almost resembled a road (all be it made of compact sand and mud). With all the wooden buildings it felt the most foriegn location we have visited on our entire trip so far.  On one occasion I watched cows being hounded down the mud/sand main street by wild dogs.  You don’t see that in Bingham.  We managed to relax on the beach with the beer bellied Russians (and that was just the women), watch a beautiful sunset and and spend a lovely warm afternoon walking around some of the stunning coastline.

Overall though we found Olhkon island a little dissappointing.   We wanted to get out and about walking and exploring but the weather just conspired against us.  While it was a welcome break from the confinement of the recent train journeys  Nakitas homestead (where we stayed for our trip) was past it’s best.  There was a lack of showers and toilets and the place was smelly.  The Homestead a real hippy commune vibe to it.  The cafe never got our order correct and the staff  at Nakitas were in general unhelpful.  It was a battle to get what you wanted.  The Lonely Planet raves about the place, I wouldn’t.  This may well have been due to the weather.

Anyway, I got some of the best photos of the trip here…………..

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