Trumpets are banned in bracing Vladivostok.   2 comments

What a pleasant surprise Vladivostok turned out to be.  Vladivostok became an essential stay to dry out from the rain and repack out gear once dry.

Initially we had rain….so much rain and so thick mist we couldn’t see the city!  Eventually the inclement weather cleared to reveal a city under development, but still full of beauty.  Vladivostok was sealed off from the world, by the Soviets, between 1958 and 1990 due to its steatigic naval base and it became a transit centre for prisoners waiting to be shipped to labour camps.  It’s been described as the San Fransico of Russia and judging by the hills I can see why.  They are even building what looks like their own version of the Golden Gate Bridge with another being built in the distance.  These are to ease traffic during the 24th Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in 2012.   What was disappointing was that the fanicular railway was closed down, despite Kerry and I hiking it to the very top to catch it.  Having said that the view from the top was stunning.   So the last city in Russia.  St Petersburg to Vladivostok in nine weeks. There really as been so much to see and so much to do.

For Kerry’s Vladivostock post click here

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2 responses to “Trumpets are banned in bracing Vladivostok.

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  1. Still loving the blogs but sooner you than me mate. Traipsing round looking for decent accommodation and having to plan so far in advance to get anything to eat isn’t my idea of fun but it sounds as if your loving every minute of it ……………almost! Some of your photographs look amazing. I’m seeing Marcella, Gav and David on Thursday and will catch up with their news. I did send them your link and hope they have been keeping pace with your journey so you’ll no doubt be the topic of conversation. You take care, love to you both. Sue xx

    • Greeting Mrs King from Beijing. I don’t know when you actually saw the gang. I hope they and you are well.

      China is amazing. First full day here in Beijing and we left the hostel at 9.30 and got back in at 22.30, very worn out in the heat and humidity. There are some interesting food related pics to show very soon….

      Stefan Palmer

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