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So here we are.  We left Vladivostok, Russia on 8th August.  After three epic days on the train (and no showers) we are in Beijing. Yep bloody Beijing…..How amazing!  First impression……people, lots and lots and lots of people.  And they are so noisy!  The final leg of our journey on our first Chinese sleeper train was brilliant.  The actual machanics of the trains were quiet (we didn’t hear the train set off and stop at stations and none of the horrible scrapping and grinding that the Russian trains used to make).  The people (so far) are pleasant and enthusiastic about everything.  We keep getting looked at because we are westerners, a rare sight apparently.  Kids especially just stare.  We keep getting requests for our photos to be taken with them.  We feel quite the celebraties.  Last night we wondered outside our hostel and found an authentic family run resturants (the decor wasn’t up to much) and had wonderful Peking duck for £8!  Today was spend visiting the Vietnam Embassy and applying for our Vietnam visas.   We pick those up next Wednesday ready for our tour to start.  So for the third time on this trip we are currently sans passports.

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Stefan Palmer


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