The Great Escape   1 comment

I hadn’t intended to write another Russia post, but I just had to put this one up. I remember our entrance to Russia…two hours of border tedium? With many bewildering looks at one another “So what do we do now?”, “Don’t we need another form?” and “Where do we go?” comments. Getting out of the country is even more bewildering.   The train stopped at the border station where we had to disembark with our entire luggage. Here we had our train tickets checked.  So far so good.  Mmmmmm then the tedium began.  We were then ushered upstairs to an empty waiting room, where we waited for six hours (all 6 of us).  I attempted to get some sense from the none Russian speaking officials after an hour, only to be rudely shooed away…WTF? came to mind at this point.  Later Kerry had a go at getting some sense out of the officials and did a little better than I.  She was told to wait until 15.30 (this was at 12.30).  At 15.30 I ventured down stairs to be met by a swirling mass of Chinese people with parcels, packages and luggage of every possible variety, tied together with tap, elastic bands, bungees, cling film and what looked like liquorice.   After fighting my way through the melee and collaring the Russian official she casually said we could come downstairs now…great we wait 6 hours, these guys just rock up and go straight through. What appeared to have happened was that customs and border control only work in the afternoons from 15.30.  If you turn up earlier heaven forbid you should actually be processed at the border….how ridiculous would that be!  On the plus side. Chinese border control was a breeze. They were so impressed/never seen a biometric passport before like Kerry’s.  It was funny to see it passed around the whole staff with many wide eyed expressions on their little faces.

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