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Beijing is reknowned for the silk market, which is seven floors of shopping heaven.  Thing is …..everything in there is fake.  There are clothes, bags, suitcases, tech, watches, everything you could possible desire. The funniest item was an iPad clearly running android OS!  Anyway so did have a shopping list of stuff I needed.  Being on the road I didn’t want to pay a fortune when it will only get trashed anyway. Entering the market I can imagine how the gladiators felt entering the ring to fight in the colasseum.  There were the stall holders hungry and ready to ponce for our blood.  In we went with every trick in the book being employed.  Including “your wife say she wants new bag”, can offfer you t shirt at very good price”, “mister would you like new wallet” and “we have nice Calvin Klien jeans”.  We have been grabbed, stroked (that was disconcerting) and flirted with.    Bartering is the name of the game.  Ultimatly I bought
*A kindle case for £10 – seller started at £16
*Converse trainers – £8 – seller started at £48
*A pair of zip off trousers/shorts £10 – seller started at £36.

I employed a number of negotiation tactics including “They are cheaper than your price in UK” and “My price or no sale” (I would then walk away only to be chased down the street with cries of “ok, ok mister your price”)  Of my purchases I can only compare the converse like for like.  They look identical to my  once pristine, now battered, existing battered pair.  It could be they are seconds, maybe time will tell.  It was all good fun!

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 27/08/2011 by Stefan Palmer in China

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