It all happens while we are away!   1 comment

It’s amazing what you miss.  While we have been away on our adventure our friends and family have been having adventures of thier own.  1. My little sister and her husband (Caroline and Sam) have had a baby.  A baby boy names Alfie George.  2. My dad and his partner Jackie get married tomorow and 3. My friends Craig and Karen had a baby girl named Ava May.

Congratulations to them all.  Kerry and I are very disappionted to have missed sharing all these amazing events.

It is incredible to thing that they have all happened since May when we left Nottingham.  Life goes on and time flies.

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One response to “It all happens while we are away!

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  1. China looks amazing mate, the views are absolutely stunning. I don’t know how you find time to constantly update your blog with all that walking and sight seeing. Would’ve loved to experience the silk market although not sure Michael would! Your photos are great and it’s great to share your experiences. Congrats on all the family events, I didn’t know your Pa was planning to get married again but presumably you did. The weather here is awful, very wet and windy, we are suffering the tail end of the hurricanes etc that have hit the US. Kids start back to school tomorrow, although Dominic started at the High School today and can’t wait to speak to him tonight, it’s all very scary for him. I hope money is stretching as far as you’d hoped and you manage to get to Australia. Looking forward to sharing the next stage with you. You’ll love Vietnam, they’re very friendly but it’s like stepping back in time. Take care xx

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