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Due to a cock up by Kerry and I on Vietnam visa entry dates (our visas give us entry from 15th and they should have been 13th) we waved our fellow travellers off at the bus station this morning bound for Sapa, Vietnam, some 4 hours away.  We will be catching up with them in a couple of days.  It leaves Kerry and I footloose and fancy free, the only westerners in the hostel and wondering around, the only westerners in the town! It feels wierd with them all gone.  We have been all together during our China stay.   We have a very early start on Thursday for our own trip to the border leaving our hostel at 06.00.  If we arrive at the Vietnam hostel in good time we’ll be joining the others for an eight hour trek.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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Posted 13/09/2011 by Stefan Palmer in China

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