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Our last night in China.  An early start in the morning.  An early night tonight.  After a day sorting photos, posts and admin, Kerry and I went our foraging for food.  We stumbled across a stallholder selling spicy chips, chicken, sausages and tofu.  Our choice cost £1.60!  Yes £1.60 folks.  All the food was cooked while we waited and was beautiful.  We found a bench to sit and eat on and a shop selling beer.    It was great watching the Chinese world go by for the final time.

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at stefanpalmer.photium.com

Stefan Palmer


Posted 14/09/2011 by Stefan Palmer in China

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4 responses to “Dinner for £1.60!

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  1. Do they deliver ?

  2. Hey Stef,

    The blogs have been great to read, the ones about China in particular have been bringing back fond memories for me. Happy days eating random meat on a stick in a narrow alley in Shanghai, followed by a beer all for a ridiculously cheap price, with a short wander back to the flat. Plus seeing my name… well chinese name, Ting Ting mentioned. All seems a long time ago.
    Cheers for the updates and the flashbacks! : )
    Keep having fun and enjoy the rest of your trip. Looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing more stories.
    Laura xx (Paul says hello too!)

    • Hi Laura,

      Another follower! Cool. China was a great experience. We were sad to leave it. We are now in Vietnam and heading south to Cambodia. I’ve got loads more posts to publish yet but now time to process the pictures. I need a week of admin to catch up.

      Regards Ste
      f (Kerry says hello too)

      Stefan Palmer

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