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That’s it.  Moving on again.  China all done…well not really.  We feel like we have seen the edited highlights.  We would have loved to spend more time in Shanghi and the rice fields and Xitang.  We have a list of other places we want to visit in the future there.  The Chinese people have made us feel very welcome.  Those that spoke English were keen to practice with us.  We have certainly been the object of curiosity (all very amusing and I do like being the centre of attention).  What was interesting was that in China we we an ethnic minority!  How cool is that.  We had two brilliant tour groups some members we even had on both tours and we hope will be lasting friends.  Group one comprised of Ben, Donna, Andy, Lou, Suzanne, Warren and Chris.  Group two was Warren and Chris (from group one), Ian, Mark, Kath and Robert.  We had two very different but equally good tour guides in Jerry and Ting Ting from Intrepid Tours.  I couldn’t recommend the company more highly.

Here we are in Hanoi, Vietnam (which is mental but great). There will be many more posts to follow from Vietnam and still some more from China.  I might even get around to finishing the last set of wedding pics!

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