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While waiting for our our first overnight bus we were entertained by the locals.

At one point I decided to go in search of canned coffee (usually the best coffee on offer in Asia)  on my way back I lingered outside the front doors of the bus station.  I was offered countless offers of a scooter taxi (mainly because I had no bags with me)  all of a sudden the scooter guys left their silver dream machines and legged it down the street.  FIGHT!  I thought.  Brilliant.  I haven’t seen a Vietnamese scrap.  Disappointment followed.  The excitment down was the arrival of a bus. New blood, sorry fares for the scooter boys.

Again while waiting for our bus we stumbled across a hefty set of scales, presumably meant for weighting the baggage.  In turn each local was standing on them knome fashion checking their weight to see who was the heaviest.  Now these Vietnamese dudes aren’t large.  They were weighing in at 45kg, 50kg and 55 kg.  Right I thought, I’ll show them.  With concern from Kerry I adopted the knome position on the scales. YES!  Much to the locals astonishment I came in at 75kg.  Beat the lot of them!  For the next 10 minutes the locals were scouring the bus station looking for anyone who was heavier than me.  With a stewards enquiry they found a tall guy (few of those here.  I feel a giant) who was 3 kg heavier.  Damn it I should have had a bigger burger at lunch. As our Intrepid tours guides always said “a good bit of local interaction”    These Vietnamese are a great bunch.

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 23/09/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Vietnam

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