Hue, rain and bargin trips   2 comments

We certainly appear to have entered Vietnam in the rainy season.  Since we arrived in Hue it’s done nothing but rain.  Down the road in Hoi An our China group friends are equally wet.  They are venturing out in board shorts, flip flops and watetproofs (tempting and it does save on drying)  in UK we don’t seem to get downpours anymore.   The Vietnamese have a sense of humor.  Whilst in a restaurant having tea the background music was “Listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain”

What with the rain we have booked am extra night in our hotel.  £6 per night each gets us a proper double room with wardrobe, en suite bathroom with bath and get this our very own desktop pc.  The hostel down the road was more expensive and that was for dorm accommadation…madness.

We have booked a tour of the sights for tomorrow including the Citadel and tombs.  We wanted the boat trip tour but due the height of the river (see below picture) it’s out of the question.  Instead £3.80 gets us an English speaking tour guide and transport to each site.  All we have to pay is the entrance fees.

We have also organised our passage out of Hue on Monday morning to Hoi An.  A 3 hour bus journey for £2 each.

This country is ridiculously cheap.

Weather update – more rain to come.  Yay!

Check out this video of the rain.

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Posted 24/09/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Vietnam

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2 responses to “Hue, rain and bargin trips

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  1. Hi Stef and Kerry. Been catching up this morning with your afventures. The night bus is certainly one to remember. I can’t help comparing it in my mind to the night bus in Harry Potter where the beds move from one end to the other, though no doubt yours was a much more realistic and painful experience. Enjoying the posts. Very witty and entertaining. Photos look fab too.

    Sharon & Nick Turner
    • Hi, I must go back over the Harry Potter scene. We are just contemplating our next long journey to Nha Trang…overnight bus or train. Mmmm

      Stefan Palmer

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