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It’s stopped raining and the sun is out!  Six days of solid rain over, well for now.  When I ask the locals if that is it, no more rain, they just laugh and shake their heads.  At least the locals aren’t trying to flog us brollies and ponchos now.  Instead random people keep cycling up to us, trying to get us into their tailors shops.  Also girls trying to sell us bangles while we drink coffee.  Because I now know the script, before they continue, I also inform them I also do not want any tigerbalm or postcards.  They trudged away disappointed only for the next seller to appear as if by magic.

Today we are browsing the Vietnamese shopping mecca of Hoi an.  There are loads of little tailors shops that will make dresses and suits.  Because one of Kerry’s UK dresses was destroyed by a lethal dose of deet guess what we are shopping for…..

Personally, as much as I used to enjoy dressing up each day for 21 years in a suit, I never plan to wear one again.

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at

Stefan Palmer


Posted 27/09/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Vietnam

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