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……………..GO DIVING!!!  Yay!!!  After carting out dive gear more than half way around the world (at least 17000 km, today we scuba dived for the first time on this little trip of ours.  Those of you who have never dived will think “Big deal”.  To Kerry and I it is mainly why we are in Asia.  In fact we are both considering it as a profession.  What’s not to like about going to work in a morning and teaching folks to dive, seeing fish, coral, rays, dolphins and sharks.  Also, from a personal point of view, what’s not to like about seeing bikini clad ladies every day, doh!

Today’s dive meant an early start for breakfast at the dive centre at 06.15.  A brief bus trip to the harbour followed by a 45 minute boat ride and we arrived at our first dive side since our Seychelles trip on 23 February 2011.  The site was called Madonna Rocks.  In we went to a maximum depth of 17 metres in a lovely water temperature of 28C.  Visibility was up to 10 metres.  There was loads to see down there including pipefish, coral, parrotfish, cuttlefish, lionfish, nudibrachs and sea cucumbers.  Great first dive.  Lunch followed at 10.30 followed by dive number two of the day.  Guess what we are doing tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn?

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Stefan Palmer


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