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It took me over 3 months before I decided to grow a beard. Mmmm but does anyone actually decide to grow a beard or just stop shaving? I was encouraged by both the China tour group boys (who were doing the same) and Kerry to give it a go. The most I’ve ever gone without shaving was 10 days, in Morocco last year. Generally a couple of days stubble is my limit, so this is quite an experience. What surprised me was the amount of grey in it (which seems to have replaced the youthful ginger and how quickly it grows. However I didn’t realise having a beard would take so much work. Within 3 weeks I was begining to look like Captain Birdseyes son. Time to buy my first comb in 20 years (I never ever use a comb on my hair) and start the ‘trimming’ process. I swear it would have been quicker if I was shaving it all off. 20 minutes later and doing my best not to look like Noel Edmonds I emerged to Kerry’s comments of “you missed a bit there” and “that cheek is longer than that one”. Back to the bathroom I trudged heavy headed (not from the beard) for more trimming. 10 minutes later I emerged to “I think you need to take more off the neck”. This continued for 45 minutes in total before I had achieved the smart yet rugged look I desired. Unfortunatly for me (and Kerry) 3 days later I had to go through the same…… What do you reckon to my Commander Riker look boys and girls?.

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2 responses to “Beards are cool

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  1. Hi Stef! The beard sounds too much hard work when you are spending so much time having fun! Keep letting us know how you are, Its very entertaining reading!. BTW couldn’t access the posts from email since before your kayaking experiences. Can access from old posts but thought I’d let you know if its a problem your end!

    Sharon & Nick Turner
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