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Last night Kerry and I bravely ventured out for dinner. It was absolutly tipping it down with rain (as it as been every night we have been in Nha Trang) I was less cautious on the ice ring like pavements, so was walking a little way ahead. I am now used to people coming up to me selling books, cigarettes and bangles. This particular night out of the pouring rain appeared a phantom scooter riding poncho wearing bearded Vietnamese guy. Now I am always polite to street sellers and give them a smile and a “no thank you”. They are human beings like you and I after all. But on this particulate night… The guy proceeded to give me a sinister smile revealing his three teeth and said “maruana?” I couldn’t believe my ears. Here I was getting wetter by the nano second and this guy wants to sell me drugs! I lost it, my politness and shouted “No!” There that will get rid of Mr Sinister scooter man. Mmmmm no. Along side me he came again….”cocaine?” Doh! “No” I bellowed this time. Seemingly unperturbed he moved in again, luckily just as I reached the bar. What was he gonna offer next? Sweet cigarettes, fake Gucci or more books. I will never know.

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Posted 05/10/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Vietnam

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