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As I draft this post from Saigon, Vietnam is almost over for us. Well for now anyway. The Mekon Delta is still a location for the future. It’s been wet, which has tainted our view of Vietnam a tad. Just like China though, the people have been polite, friendly and willing to help us. Typically on our last day the sun shone all day giving us the opportunity to relax and soak up some rays. Because I struggle to sit still for long, I went for a run on the beach. My first run since Irkutsk, Russia in late July. Beach running is definately the way to do it. I managed 3.2 miles in 39 minutes. A respectable distance and time after such a lay off.

So where next? Well just to keep you readers on your toes……….its………..Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia. We will be spending five days in that wonderful city (and my 41st birthday) before moving on to…….Australia. There I bet that surprised you! Many of you will know we both love diving. Especially in warm water with clear viz. We have stumbled across a great opportunity to do our Divemaster training on the east coast of Australia. Training on and around the great barrier reef! It was a bit of a no brainer really. Our Divemaster training will take about five weeks as we need to carryout our Rescue Diver training before we move on to DM. Kerry and I are dead excited and can’t wait to get wet every day for five weeks! The fine detail of accommadation is not yet sorted. We are throwing a few ideas around including buying a campervan to live in while in Australia (we have one year visas so it is certainly a viable option to travel the country in it). I’ll tell you more folks when we have decided. In true trip fashion we are making it up as we go along…and loving it!

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Stefan Palmer


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  1. lol, I had a look on the world map today trying to figure where you’d go. I had you down for Laos and then Thailand though it did sound a bit dodgy! Sounds like you are looking to stay in Australia for a while!

    Sharon & Nick Turner
    • The original plan was Cambodia, Loas, Thailand. This Divemaster course was so good an offer. Doing it in Aus carries so much more clout and employment opps than in Thailand.

      Stefan Palmer

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