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For my final two dives of our six in Nha Trang I had a go with Kerry’s underwater camera for the first time. I have never used a camera underwater before. I found it to be quite a challenge.  Consider this…you see a group of fish weaving in and out of a large anemone.  Off I swim get a shot. I line up the perfect frame, hold my breath (just as you would on the land to stop the camera wobbling) to take the shot.  I then start floating away from it.   Lungs act as a natural boyancy aid.  In fact in diving you use your breathing to make fine adjustments to your depth. I had to learn a whole new way of taking photos. Below are my first attempts. The visibility was poor on the day (sometimes down to 5 metres) because of the rain but I don’t think they have come out to bad.

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at

Stefan Palmer


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