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Drafted on 11th October.

After a brief two hour flight, here we are in Kuala Lumpur.  I hadn’t carried out my research in, so was in for a few surprises (Kerry’s been here before).  The airport taxi situation is very cool to begin with.  Once through baggage reclamation you wheel your gear over to a booth, state your destination, pay your money and you are given a ticket.  Outside you give your ticket to a guy who allocates you a taxi.  It prevents all the usual bartering and fuss where everyone is offering you a ride in their taxi and the lottery of what you will eventually pay.  We got a really smart new Nissan Teana saloon.  Once I’d helped load the bags my lack of reseach became evident…I tried to get in the drivers side much to Kerry’s amusement.  Malaysians drive on the left.  We set off out of the airport onto a fast flowing dark motorway and at this point I could quite easily have thought we had just left East Midlands Airport.  The road set up, the darkness, all were identical.  The only thing that gave the game away was the odd palm tree looming out of the darkness, there aren’t many of those in Castle Donnington.  It is quite easy to see that Malaysia was a British colony for quite some time.  Central reservation barriers and roads signs were so similar.  The biggest change, from the last few months, was the speed we were travelling. 100kph.  An impossible feat weaving in and out of scooters, pushbikes, rickshaws and stray chickens in Vietnam and China.   The driver never once used the horn in the 60km trip!  It was wonderful.   Not even once we arrived in central KL.  Its massively obvious that Malaysia is wealthy.  There are cars on the roads and the roads are in great condition.  The soaring  skyscrapers illuminate the night sky.  I got very excited when I saw saw Petronus towers in the distance.  I can’t wait to explore this new city tomorrow.  One final surprise of the day.  They use three pin British sockets.  No faffing with adapters!!!

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 12/10/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Malaysia

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