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Despite the fact I felt knackered after one hours sleep (at best) on the plane, out we went to explore our first Aussie town, Coolagatta on the Gold Coast.   The morning temperature was a chilly 15 degrees C (cold for us with 30 being the norm). After checking into our chilled out hostel, the first stop was a boring luggage shop for some travel adaptors. Australia’s are totally different to any socket I’ve seen before. We then hit the beach to watch the body boarders and surfers. Incidentally Kerry bought me some surf boarding lessons for my birthday. . I can’t wait to have a go.  By this time the sun was out, the sky was blue interspersed with fluffy clouds and the temperature was up to 25 degrees C.  I got some great shots of the beach with the Gold Coast city, including its impressive looking skyscrapers, in the distance. Everyone is so happy and friendly here.  It is weird hearing the Australian accent everywhere.  Even weirder, is understanding every word being uttered in a cafe, shop or bar.  We haven’t experienced that since UK.  We have an early start in the morning for a 06.00 flight to Townesville.  Unfortunately the flight goes via Sidney, the opposite direction first.  We will arrive in our new home (for a few months anyway) around 11.30.  We are being kindly picked up from the airport by someone from the dive school so we will get an early introduction to the guys we will be diving with.

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Posted 19/10/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Australia

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