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Drafted on the aeroplane from Kuala Lumpur to The Gold Coast (sorry no spell check)

I felt quite sad leaving Kuala Lumpur. Firstly I really liked the city and secondly it means the end of this part of our trip. It’s been amazing. We have met so many brilliant people, made some new friends and seen amazing places. It’s also been challenging arranging transport and accommodation far enough in advance so as to keep the trip momentum and not end up bedless for the night. I’m going to miss that.  I’ve really enjoyed staying in one place for a couple of days and moving on. Yep I’ve turned into a real nomad. However I’m really excited about Australia. I never thought I would ever travel to the land of Neighboughs, Home & Away and Kylie Minogue! It presents new opportunities and challenges. We need to arrange long termish accommodation. We have booked into a hostel for a couple of nights when we arrive in Townesville. We are viewing a couple of houses, in the town on Friday with a view to house sharing, what better way to get to know the area. We start our diving courses almost immediately. We will have alot to take in over six to eight weeks. We need more dive kit. Torches, wetsuits and compasses off the top of my head. We have a vibrant new town to explore (and me to photograph). I will be setting up an online photo sales website. I have a few ideas about that. I have enough photos to choose from to sell! My blog alone contains over 1000 images. If anyone knows of a good do it yourself site that I can integrate a paypal purchase facility and gives me a good level of creative control, please let me know. So lots to do. Lots more posts to write here and on my new Drivemaster blog. Australia beckons in mmmmm about 3 half hours if this plane cuts of the turbulance shinanigans.

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at stefanpalmer.photium.com

Stefan Palmer

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