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With Hanoi far behind us the seaside beckoned.  5 members of the China tour group 2 were still with us at this point which was great. A 4 hour somewhat bumpy bus journey followed by an hour boat trip across Ha long Bay and we were beside the seaside on Cat Ba Island.  We had a brief overnight stop there before taking a boat to Nam Cat Island.  On route there was a spot of Deep Water Soloing (see this link to my post on this activity) and kayaking.  In fact Kerry and I discovered a lagoon where spotted jelly fish floated past.  It was a very serene sight.  No camera, so no pictures of the lagoon I’m afraid.  The whole area was straight out of a Vietnam tourist leaflet with blue/green seas, soaring rocks jutting out the sea and dozens and dozens of floating fish farms with the little shacks where the farmers live and work.  Nam Cat Island was just as picturesque.  We stayed for 2 nights in a beach shack with mattresses on the raised wooden floor covered with mosquito nets over and our own bathroom. The beach was less than a minute away.  Perfect.  While there we played football, beach Olympics, sunbathed, swam and more kayaking.  It was a great day to recharge the batteries ready for the rest of Vietnam.

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