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After a busy day doing rescue diver skills in a murky river, and getting covered in weeds, on the outskirts of Townesville, Kerry and I went to view a house to rent. It was so nice we said we’d take it on the spot. It’s a four bedroomed house 10 minutes walk from the dive centre. The house is owned by a British couple who have lived over here for sometime.  Alana lives there at the moment with her pet dog, Chelsea who is a cute, but getting big, ridge back bullmastiff cross and a guy called Bruce. We will be sharing this huge house with them. We are dead pleased to have some more space for a while after so many months in hostels.

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 23/10/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Australia

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2 responses to “Home sweet home.

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  1. Sounds lovely, and you have a pet! That picture above reminds me of the scary dr who episode with statues – oo err

    • Yep a pet that we don’t own! It will be nice to get our own space. Oh and don’t blink. Whatever you do don’t blink!

      Stefan Palmer

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