Hue Citadel and lots of Rain   2 comments

Previous posts have mentioned the amounts of rain we experienced in Vietnam.  Kerry and I booked a tour of the historic sites of Hue which are UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.  Another post will cover the dryer morning sites we saw.  This post covers the afternoon tour to the Citadel, which were  the walled fortress and palace in the former capital of Vietnam and home to the Vietnam Royalty.  Built in 1804 the Palaces follow a similar theme to the Forbidden City in Beijing and cover a vast area with temples and gardens.  Unlike Beijing these temples are on the whole derelict.  Most of the buildings were destroyed in the Vietnam war.  By the afternoon of our tour the rain was lashing down and my camera was safely in my rucksack and the rucksack had its rain proof cover on.  I took the below pictures with my camera phone, which despite having a 5 MP sensor as a crap lens.  However with a bit of tweaking the shots have come up quite nice and atmospheric.

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Stefan Palmer


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