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The info dumps continue. Today was. firstly, the Emergency First Response Course. I don’t remember ever doing such a course. I just know a few snippets from chatting with other people. The recovery position’s changed since I last saw it. It was funny reading the training manual. Whether it is an Austalianism I don’t know, but it says “do the best you can because you can’t make things any worse” How laid back?

Needless to say we are both now qualifed Emergency First Responders and qualifed O2 administators. Both are required in Oz to work in the dive industry.  They are way ahead of what you need in Thailand etc so make us ubber employable. Having completed these courses we are now both qualifed Rescue Divers too.

With the completion of these courses I feel I am gradually reshaping my life. It’s very exciting.

The day was finished off with a beer and freshly caught Barra Mundi fish bbq’d at the dive centre.  Yum yum.

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Stefan Palmer


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