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Having settled into our hostel and introduced ourselves to the dive centre Kerry and I walk around Townsville.  Wow.  The first think that struck us was the tidiness of the place and the lack of people.  This was probably having come from such over populated countries as China and Vietnam.  Everything here appears so new and precise and planned. We have been greeted with many g’days from the locals.  All the council workers wear shorts while driving around picking up fallen tree branches around the park (due to the heavy winds.  Cost of buying stuff…. we are definitely out of South East Asia.  Prices are back to UK levels for everything.

The main tourist area of Townsville is the Stand.  This is a lovely area of palm shaded footpaths running parallel to the beach.  It has a free water park for the kids, a free to use swimming pool for the general public and loads of seating areas which we took advantage of to study.

Just out of town there is a shopping centre at Castelford.  Here we did some food shopping in Woolworths.  Yep you heard correct.  Woolworths exists here but as a Grocery supermarket.  We worked our way through the mobile phone minefield to get Australian numbers each.  This makes sense with us effectively working for the Dive centre while training with them and being in Australia for a year.  In Aussie pay as you go is called prepaid and depending on your chosen plan when you buy credit  you get a top up.  We paid 30 dollars each and got an additional 150 dollars worth of calls.  Valid for 6 months, cos we aren’t going to make that many calls.  Its all a bit of an education.

Australia feels like a bit of an alternative universe.  The coins are similar to UK, they drive on the left and almost speak English!  But it isn’t quite England……it’s really wierd.

We have now found a house to live it which we share with Alana who welcomed us with a great meal on our first weekend.

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 07/11/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Australia

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