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Drafted on 11/11/2011

Tonight for the first time ever I did a night dive.  I’ve wanted to do one for ages and been so close on a couple of occasions only to be disappointed due to lack of divers.  Tonight I was not disappointed.  Our merry band of divers started to kit up at sun set and entered the water just as the sun had disappeared below the horizon.  With our torches on we striding stepped into the water and descended down the anchor line to the bottom at 10 metres.  It’s a whole new world down there in the dark.  I swear the fish look sleepy and the coral waves less!.  There are some additional things you have to do when night diving.  You ensure your hand signals are performed in front of your torch been, otherwise your buddy as no idea what you are trying to say. You also need to keep an even eye sharper eye on your dive buddy otherwise they will be lost to the darkness.  If that happens its pretty much dive over.  You do a standard one minute search, then surface if you can’t find them.  Being in a larger group and because neither my buddy or I knew the dive site it would have meant dive over for the night.   The group of six struck pretty close together.  Even so we still didn’t see all the same things.  Some saw a fleeting glimpse of a shark, others didn’t.  Some saw a lazily cruising sea turtle….others didn’t.  At one point I was bringing up the rear of the group.  I took a look behind me to see nothing but darkness.  It was spooky and eerie, but very very very cool indeed.  I got back on the boat buzzing from the experience and inside shouting to myself  “again, again!”

In a way night diving, in Oz, is like day diving in the UK.  The visabiliy is zero and you need to use a torch to see anything, however in Oz a night dive is lovely and warm (I wore a wet suit not a dry suit) and there is so much more to see.

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Stefan Palmer


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