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Today (03/11/2011) my first dive trip as a Dive Master Trainee.  Two dives with newbie open water divers . Their first dives in the sea.   It was challenging, assisting an instructor.  Ensuring all the students don’t sink to the bottom and destroy precious coral, surface when they shouldn’t, stay at the planned depth and fixing ear problems were divers couldn’t equalise with the depth.  I can’t remember seeing any fish I was too busy!  The island we are all staying on tonight is beautiful.  Apparently there is one resident who owns a swanky pad up the beach.  Cylinders have been filled for the morning dives (breakie is at 06.30) Everyone’s in their tents. I’m sleeping outdoors in my swag bag.  With the sound of the waves lapping against the beach, the moon illuminating the sea, the stars clear in the sky and the sound of the wildlife off in the trees and darkness just beyond the campsite.  Life does not get any better than this.

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Stefan Palmer


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