Tailors shops, taxi boats and a little less rain   Leave a comment

Hoi An, Vietnam.  Our next stop after rain soddened Hue.  Unfortunatley we were greeted by more rain here and on the journey.  The air con was leaking on our bus and dripping the whole journey.  Well it dripped on whichever one of us was sitting next to the window.  After an hour of the trip Kerry demaned to swap places to dry out.  I therefore rigged up a rainproof shelter acrosss of seats using a broken umbrella, my water proof and 4 of Kerry’s hair clips.  All much to the amusement of our fellow passengers.  Despite a few odd looks it was very effective.

Hoi An was a lovely town with its main attraction being the vast number of tailors shops.  It is also a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  We seem to be racking these up on our travels.  Here you can have, shirts dresses and suits all made to measure in a day.  It was tempting to get something made, however again, we had no spare space for anything.  The town was a great place to stock up on replacement t shirts and shorts all at bartered down next to nothing prices.  Due to our itineries matching we met up with Chris from the China trip.  He had continued with Intrepid into Vietnam and who we last saw him on Cat Bar Island in Halong Bay, two weeks ago

It still kept on raining.  We did have some fine weather to check out the river front, chat to and photograph the people who run  boat taxis up and down the river.  It was a nice chilled out town.

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 19/11/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Vietnam

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