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I have now been studying for my Dive Master certification for four weeks. If you have been following my posts, you will know I’ve been to the nearby Pelorus Island on three dive trips assisting instructors conducting Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Diver courses. I have also assisted in many pool sessions as well. O2 administration and first aid courses have also been completed (see info dump post here).  I thought you would like to see to exactly what the whole course involves.

Here goes……….

* Knowledge Reviews 1-9.
* Exams 1 & 2 based on knowledge Reviews.
* Emergency Assistance Plan.
* Stamina Exercise 1 – Timed 400m swim.
* Stamina Exercise 2 – 15 Minute Tread Water (last 2 mins with hands of of the water).
* Stamina Exercise 3 – Timed 800m Snorkel.
* Stamina Exercise 4 – Timed Tired Diver Tow.
* A Full Diver Rescue With No Mistakes.
* 20 Dive Skills at Demonstration Level.
* Skill 1 Mapping a Dive Site.
* Skill 2 Equipment Exchange (Under water of course and sharing only one air supply)
* Skill 3 Dive Master Conducted Programme #1 Full Discover Scuba Diving Course.
* Conduct Discover Snorkeling and  Discover Local Diving courses.
* Conduct Scuba Review or Skin Diving Course.
* Leadership Evaluation.
*5 Confined Water Training Sessions (pool) Including 1 Open Water.
*5 Open Water Training Sessions (in the sea) Including 1 Open Water.
*1 Supervisory Situation With Certified Divers (lead a dive).

Basically by the end of it I will have developed gills and webbed hands and feet. Anyone remember the 70’s TV series called The  Man from Atlantis?  That will be me. We plan to leave Townsville on the 5th January…so lots to do before then.

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Stefan Palmer


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