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What a great day.  We had the opportunity today to explore more of Townsville and the surrounding area courtesy of our house mate Alana (she has a car).  What a beautiful area it is, however it is getting so hot here.  Today was 32 C.  Instant burnage without suncream.  We explored more of the Strand (and had an ice cream) and some of the Town Common which is a huge nature reserve full of spectacular views and birds (when we didn’t frighten them away).  On the strand we saw sea turtles bobbing up for a look around now and again. \It’s really common to see them in Townsville.  I think the locals wondered why we were getting so animated and excited by the site. Despite my best efforts I was never quick enough with the camera to capture a shot of them.  We got some spectacular views from the top of Castle Rock which over looks Townsville and Magnetic Island beyond.   Just for good measure we ventured back up there at dusk for more shots of the city.

The Strand Video.  Click here.

To top off the day…..a BBQ of course and a chance to observe possums in the Mango tree in our back garden.

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Stefan Palmer

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