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Boxing Day by the seaside.   Leave a comment

Boxing day in Townsville, Australia.  Well to start with we had temperatures of 36C. Today we ventured to the Strand area of Townsville (which  in essence is the posh sea front).  We started our day at the furtherest point and watched folks swimming in the sea water swimming pool, sunbathing on the banks and we marveled at the sea turtles on the point bobbing to the surface for air. Much of the day was spend dive studying near the beach with the sound of the waves rolling in. A gentle stroll home, with an ice cream, to settle down and watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. Boxing day heaven.

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Open water, turtles, sharks and challenging conditions   Leave a comment

Another weekend on Pelorus Island.  This one started with blue sky and mill pond conditions.  I lead an advanced diver dive…and what a dive.  A white tip shark and a dozing sea turtle which decided to gently lift off the ocean bottom when it saw us and leisurely swim away.

Overnight we heard plenty of thunder and had quite a light show in the distance with the lightning…but no rain.

The next morning…wow.  Huge waves and surf making it extremely difficult to get kit back out to the boat.  Cuts, scrapes and plenty of salt water was swallowed during that hour of loading.

Thankfully the weather improved and allowed us to dive a site called Brambles.  There we saw white tip sharks on four separate occasions and beautiful coral gardens awsome!

Photographs courtesy of Kerry, thanks Kerry.

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Australian Slang Phrases   Leave a comment

Since arriving in Australia in October we have heard “heaps” of  Slang and Phrases.  Here are a selection of my favorites.

“I’m as dry and a dead dingos donger”

“If his brain was made of electricity, he’d be a walking blackout.”

“Nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

“Sharp as a beachball.”

“It’s so cold, me headlights are on high beam.”

“You have an IQ of 2 , and it takes 3 to grunt!”

“As useless as a soft c*&k in a nurses dorm.”

“So fat, when he/she rides a motorbike, you can’t hear the engine.”

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Freshly cut grass   Leave a comment

After a long but uneventful day at work (the dive industry in Queensland Australia is quiet this time of the year due to the heat) Kerry and I arrived home and helped our housemate Alana cut the lawns.  Here I now stand admiring our work ,and contemplating, with yet another glass of water in hand, and smelling the very British (to me) aroma of freshly cut grass.  What feels odd is that it is the 21st December, four days before Christmas.  I am watching the mango tree in the garden gently swaying in the evening breeze, trying its best not to shake the precious fruits from its branches.  Various geckos and other lizards are scurrying in between the blades of grass looking for food.  Chelsey, Alana’s dog is busy chasing birds who are hopping around the lawn looking for worms.  The evening breeze as thankfully reduced the temperature from an uncomfortable 36C to a tolerable 24C.  In the distance I can hear more lawn mowers chugging away and some very unbritish sounding birds and other wildlife calling out before their bedtime.

After travelling around the world and chasing summer through the continents it’s beginning to feel like winter  is just a hazy distant dream…..does it really exist?  Are the news website in the UK making up all the these snow reports?

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Seasons Greetings   Leave a comment

Happy Christmas folks and have a Prosperous New Year.

Thanks for reading my blog for these last few months and sharing some of our experiences.  We will be hitting the road again in January, so the number of posts will increase as we see new cities, countryside and people.


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The Soundtrack to our Adventure 2011   Leave a comment

Since May 2011 along with Kerry my constant companion as been my iPod.  Long train, boat, plane and coach trips from Jersey to Australia.  I thought, as we close 2011, I would share my top 15 albums from the 2011 part of our trip.  These albums were played all the time despite the fact that I have a full 160GB iPod in my possession.  My favourite track to the album is next to each entry.  I’ll tell you now it is an eclectic mix with some (of what Kerry would call) dad music………….

1. Mind in a Box – R.E.T.R.O (Lightforce)

2. Stargate Universe Soundtrack (The Worst Day Since Yesterday)

3. Hurts – Happiness (Devotion)

4. Coldplay – Prospekt’s March EP (Life In Technicolor ii)

5. James Blunt – Some Kind Of Trouble (No Tears)

6. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – I’m With You (Monarchy of Roses)

7. a-ha – Foot of the Mountain (Foot Of The Mountain)

8. Foo Fighters – Echoes Silence Patience And Grace (Long Road To Ruin)

9. Starsailor – All The Plans (Tell Me It’s Not Over)

10. Queen – Made in Heaven (Made in Heaven)

11. John Barry – Eternal Echoes (Crazy Dog)

12. Genesis – We Can’t Dance (Dreaming While You Sleep)

13. Daft Punk – Tron Legacy Soundtrack (Recognizer)

14. Electric Light Orchestra – Balance of Power (Calling America)

15. Rachmaninoff – Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini)

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Yongala   1 comment

Drafted 29th October 2011.

We have been in Townesville a tad over a week and today we went for a little trip down the coast….. to dive a shipwreck! It was nice to get out and about exploring the area. We borrowed a car and drove the 80 km route on lovely open, smooth and easy roads. It was like driving in America only in Oz they drive on the left. I did feel a bit naked without my tom tom to guide me though.

Ok the diving. One word awesome. The Yongala is a 100 year old wreck in which all crew and passengers perished. Click here for a link to more info about the ship. Because their remains are still onboard it is classed as a Maritime Grave, so no one can enter it. It is an amazing colourful artificial reef full of coral of all varieties and huge fish. Rays, batfish, eels (with big sharp teeth), sleeping sea turtles and a dozing shark. The wreck sits at 28 metres on her side and due to the cyclone in February this year some coral was stripped off revealing the ship again. We have dived many wrecks in the Seychelles and the UK but this was something else. You divers out there, you have got to dive it! As is expected there was the usual Pom bashing from the boat crew due to a few of us being from the ‘Mother country’. The crew were professional and knowledgable about the site. For our second dive of the wreck Kerry and I dived as a buddy pair without a guide (same wreck, same route at a shallower depth.) It felt really weird. We are more than qualified to do that now but it was still weird for the first time.

We will be diving the Yongala again before we leave… guaranteed!!!

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Stefan Palmer