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Well here we are 200 days on the road.  We haven’t travelled through as many countries in this 50 day period as previous 50 day landmarks, however we have fitted plenty in.  Flights to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia and then flights to the Gold Coast, Australia and then on to Townsville Australia (via Sydney).  We have frolicked with elephants, seen the biggest shopping malls in the world, dived one of the top ten dive wrecks in the world and found a place to live (out of the hostels at last)

We are currentlty working through our Dive Master training in Townsville and busy planning for the next part of our journey, seeing some more of Australia (Ayrs Rock, Melbourne, Ciarns, Kakadu National Park)  We have met a number of Australians on our travels before we even got to Australia.  We are planning to see them too.  Mark who we met in the Sychelles in February, Donna and Ben who we met on the China tour and Suzanne who is actually a Brit we met on the China tour too.

Still so much to see and so much to do……………………..

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at stefanpalmer.photium.com

Stefan Palmer


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