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Here we are…….December.  We all have different thoughts and memories when we hear Christmas carols and songs.  But in the main they usually involve snow, Santa, cold weather, icy roads and reindeer jumpers.  Now consider this.  I was listening to Christmas songs the other day on a trip back from Pelorus Island.  I asked the two Aussies we were with what Christmas meant to them.  Interestingly they replied, obscenely hot weather and lots and lots of rain.  No snow…..not even Santa was mentioned.  You see in this part of Oz it is the rainy season and the absolute height of Summer, with temperatures in the mid 30’s.

I never thought I would smell freshly cut grass, have to wear sunscreen at 06.00 in the morning, be able to scuba dive in a 3mm wetsuit and sleep in the open air on 1st December.  All cool things to do but it just isn’t Christmassy (yea many of you are probabley thinking what an ungrateful fool I am).  The biggest drawback is that the chocolate keeps melting in my advent calendar!!!

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Stefan Palmer


Posted 04/12/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Australia

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