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I drafted this post a couple of months ago.  Straight after our visit to the tunnels.  I always do this with the intention of adding the photos when I get around to processing them.  Unfortunately I appear to have lost the photos.  So to illustrate the post I have pulled a few pictures off the net.

Today we ventured out of Saigon to the Cu Chi Tunnels. About 65km out of the city. These tunnels were used by the Vietnamese during the war with America to evade capture and maim and kill US soldiers.  There were some lethal booby traps that we were shown and had gleefully demonstrated by the guides.   Some of the tunnels entrances were just uncomfortably small and obviously built for the slight Vietnamese soldiers.  One that wasn’t quite so small I climbed into (Kerry passed on the experience…..wisely).  Just the crouching and crawling 20m was unpleasant in semi darkness.  The soldiers were brave souls to navigate them, especially with shells and gunfire going on above ground and US troops looking for them.  The guys in front of me missed the exit in the dark and I had to call them back, it was all a bit disorientating. That was only level one. Each level down, the tunnels get smaller and smaller. Not for me.  Just to add to the experience on the same site was a gun range, so while we were clambering into the tunnels we could hear gunshots in the distance.  All in all a very disconcerting experience.

Again after a bright promising start to the day it bucketed down by lunchtime . The tunnel site had compressed clay footpath. You can imagine the state they were in pretty quickly.

Here’s a link to more info about them

A selection of my favourite images from this blog are available to buy at stefanpalmer.photium.com

Stefan Palmer


Posted 16/12/2011 by Stefan Palmer in Vietnam

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