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Drafted 29th October 2011.

We have been in Townesville a tad over a week and today we went for a little trip down the coast….. to dive a shipwreck! It was nice to get out and about exploring the area. We borrowed a car and drove the 80 km route on lovely open, smooth and easy roads. It was like driving in America only in Oz they drive on the left. I did feel a bit naked without my tom tom to guide me though.

Ok the diving. One word awesome. The Yongala is a 100 year old wreck in which all crew and passengers perished. Click here for a link to more info about the ship. Because their remains are still onboard it is classed as a Maritime Grave, so no one can enter it. It is an amazing colourful artificial reef full of coral of all varieties and huge fish. Rays, batfish, eels (with big sharp teeth), sleeping sea turtles and a dozing shark. The wreck sits at 28 metres on her side and due to the cyclone in February this year some coral was stripped off revealing the ship again. We have dived many wrecks in the Seychelles and the UK but this was something else. You divers out there, you have got to dive it! As is expected there was the usual Pom bashing from the boat crew due to a few of us being from the ‘Mother country’. The crew were professional and knowledgable about the site. For our second dive of the wreck Kerry and I dived as a buddy pair without a guide (same wreck, same route at a shallower depth.) It felt really weird. We are more than qualified to do that now but it was still weird for the first time.

We will be diving the Yongala again before we leave… guaranteed!!!

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Stefan Palmer

Stefan Palmer


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  1. So beautiful… 🙂 I adore underwater life

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