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After a long but uneventful day at work (the dive industry in Queensland Australia is quiet this time of the year due to the heat) Kerry and I arrived home and helped our housemate Alana cut the lawns.  Here I now stand admiring our work ,and contemplating, with yet another glass of water in hand, and smelling the very British (to me) aroma of freshly cut grass.  What feels odd is that it is the 21st December, four days before Christmas.  I am watching the mango tree in the garden gently swaying in the evening breeze, trying its best not to shake the precious fruits from its branches.  Various geckos and other lizards are scurrying in between the blades of grass looking for food.  Chelsey, Alana’s dog is busy chasing birds who are hopping around the lawn looking for worms.  The evening breeze as thankfully reduced the temperature from an uncomfortable 36C to a tolerable 24C.  In the distance I can hear more lawn mowers chugging away and some very unbritish sounding birds and other wildlife calling out before their bedtime.

After travelling around the world and chasing summer through the continents it’s beginning to feel like winter  is just a hazy distant dream…..does it really exist?  Are the news website in the UK making up all the these snow reports?

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